Funnel Viscosity and Rheology of Drilling Mud

Since the bored strong substance is vital, it should be checked every lost circulation. For great boring practices, the bored strong ought to be tried double a day by countering. The maximum furthest reaches of the drill strong group ought to be 6-7 % by volume or roughly 55 – 60 pound for each barrels. Kindly recollect that this figure is general dependable guideline. Basically, you can work the boring activity with more strong substance for some time yet over all presentation will be bit by bit down.

There is another worth other than the LGS and HGS that you should think about is the normal thickness of solids in the penetrating mud. I will clarify why this figure is significant and what it advises us. The weighting materials as barite, Calcium Carbonate, and so forth have a particular gravity esteem about 4.2. Notwithstanding, the penetrated solids as mud and residue have a less explicit gravity about 2.6. The normal thickness implies the overall groupings of both the weighting specialist and the bored strong. Regularly, the adequate estimation of the normal strong thickness is about 3.8 or higher. On the off chance that you see this worth beneath 3.8, it demonstrates that there might be an excess of low gravity strong in the mud.

The operational effects of strong substance are as per the following:

Identical Circulating Density (ECD) – The ECD will be higher if the strong substance builds, whether or not High Gravity Solid (HGS) or Low Gravity Solid (LGS). As you may know, over the top ECD will prompt development crack and a misfortune dissemination issue.

Differential Sticking – The channel cake can be thick and tacky, if there are a great deal of low gravity solids in the penetrating mud. When there is thick mud cake, you will can possibly stall out across penetrable developments.

Pace of infiltration – High centralization of the strong substance will influence the general pace of entrance. As you most likely are aware, there are three strong substance added into the framework. The initial two substance are weighting material and synthetic compounds which we truly need them in the boring liquid. For this part, we can’t diminish their substance in the mud since they are fundamental to for mud properties. The last one is the drill strong that we can handle by mechanical techniques. Thusly, to ideal ROP, you need to control the measure of bored strong in the mud.

Flood/swab pressure – The exorbitant flood and swab pressures are come about because of the great measure of strong substance in the liquid framework.

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