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Setting Hours and Do Not Disturb – One of the best google voice number buy for your business no doubt. In the event that you need to set hours that you are accessible, presently your telephone can take care of you. Effectively arrangement plans for when your telephone rings and when it doesn’t. In the event that you just need to be accessible from 8am – 5pm, at that point your telephone will just ring between those hours. On the off chance that you just need to be accessible on the ends of the week, that is anything but difficult to do too. Moreover, you have a choice of setting your “Don’t Disturb”. This will briefly (for whatever time-frame you determine) course all approaching calls to phone message. Extremely convenient when you have a cutoff time and need to center without interferences. This by a long shot is probably the best thing for your private company since it permits you to isolate business life from individual life and never the two will meet (except if obviously you need them to).

Text Messaging – notwithstanding calls and voice message, Google voice additionally permits you to send and get instant messages from your record. On the off chance that you have coordinated your Google Voice account with your Android telephone, you can send and get instant messages straightforwardly from your telephone also. All instant messages are spared online for turn upward and audit later on. I love this element since I would text be able to message my better half straightforwardly from my PC without expecting to redirect my consideration regarding my telephone.

Incorporated with your contacts – If you as of now have a normal Google Account, the entirety of your contacts will appear in your Google Voice account also. This implies if your companion Jim calls your new number (and you have Jim’s number spared) his name will appear on your guest ID. Likewise, all phone messages and instant messages sent and got from Jim will be joined to his contact record for future reference. This proves to be useful when you need to look into that telephone number he left for you a couple of months back on your voice message. Got a call from another person? Effectively add a name to their telephone number and all future and authentic calls will presently have that individual’s name joined to it.

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