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As the next generation moves into independent living in Mankato, expectations are changing around the types of technology that older people will use. Boomers who learned how to use technology in their 40s and 50s are likely to want to continue using it to stay in touch. When someone moves into senior living in Mankato, technology is an important part of planning that transition. Which items make sense for them to bring along? Are there other tools that need to be purchased? From personal smartphones to desktop computers, this post covers the essential technology items that people in retirement facilities might wish to have with them.


Personal Smartphone


If someone is already comfortable using a smartphone, they should be encouraged to bring it with them. A smartphone user can call friends and family, research things online, and connect with friends virtually using apps like Words with Friends. If they won’t be using the phone as often, it might be worth looking into a new phone plan. For instance, you could transition them onto your family plan to keep an eye on their usage and cover their costs. They may not need as many text messages or as much data, but instead, you could look for a plan that offers a lot of minutes.


It might be tempting to invest in a new smartphone for someone who is transitioning into independent living in Mankato. After all, you want them to have access to the newest technology. However, adding a new interface, a different operating system, and a new size of phone can throw people for a loop. People should feel confident and competent when undergoing a big transition. Throwing new technology in the mix can be a recipe for disaster. Instead, encourage them to use their existing smartphone throughout the transition. Once they get settled in, you can raise the question of getting a new phone again.


Personal Tablet


Many older people already use a tablet. They might check out digital library books or buy eBooks off Amazon. A lot of retired adults prefer to use their phone for phone calls, and they use a tablet for everything else. This includes finding recipes on Pinterest, looking things up on Google Maps, playing games, and even video chatting with friends and family. The larger screen of the tablet is one of the best assets a tablet provides to older people. Touchscreen technology might be intuitive for you but it can sometimes confuse people who have never used one before. The tap, pinch, and swipe interactions don’t come normally to someone who didn’t grow up using them.


As a result, encourage them to bring along their existing tablet if they already have one. Otherwise, encourage them to purchase one as soon as possible. Tablets can even be mounted for maximum efficiency. For video calls, games, email, and more, tablets are really the best option for many older adults.


Smart Speakers


If your loved one enjoys a good dinner party, then they might enjoy having smart speakers. Sometimes people in retirement facilities don’t feel they have a lot of control over their environment. Giving them a way to control the music at home helps empower them. When someone from the team of senior nursing services in Mankato comes to check on them, they could be grooving away to their favorite tunes. Music has a powerful effect on the mind. Studies have shown that music taps into a part of the brain associated with memory. There are stories of older people who hadn’t spoken for years, or who had completely forgotten the names of their family members. But when a nostalgic song was played from their youth, they somehow remembered all the words and could sing along.


Music is also a great way to connect. Teenagers can bring their favorite playlists to share with grandpa. Your loved one can go to the library and check out CDs or buy songs online and play them through smart speakers. With a set of speakers in the dining room, preparing food and sitting with friends can take on a party vibe. With a set of speakers in the bathroom, they can enjoy spa music while in the bath. Speakers can also be used to amplify the sound coming out of a tablet, which makes them a great tool for video calls.


Smart Alarm Clock


A smart alarm clock includes many of the features listed above. If your loved one doesn’t already have a smart alarm clock, now could be a great time to purchase one. Many smart alarm clocks can be used as charging docks for a tablet or smartphone. Some even have speakers on board. The best smart alarm clocks for older people have a large display screen. Some models show the weather forecast and the day of the week in a very large font.


If they don’t like loud alarm clocks, look for a smart alarm clock that uses light and nature sounds to slowly wake them up. These clocks work to support natural Circadian rhythms for a gentle wake-up process, simulating a natural sunrise. Many older folks enjoy sticking to a morning routine. It helps them feel grounded and active. A smart alarm clock can help them stay on top of their day.


Desktop Computer


Not everyone needs a desktop computer when they relocate to senior living in Mankato. For people who already use one quite frequently, it’s a good idea to bring it along. Creative older people might like to type emails on a real keyboard rather than a tablet. They might like to view photos at high resolution or watch videos on YouTube on a large screen. At the end of the day, computers are just one more way to stay connected. Don’t fight your loved one if they want to bring a desktop computer with them into independent living in Mankato. If they end up deciding it takes too much room, they can always put it into storage. But starting off their transition without something familiar can be disruptive.


If they don’t have a desktop computer already, encourage them to consider a large-screen tablet instead. If they’re concerned about typing, look at Bluetooth keyboards. Have a discussion about what they need the technology to do and then visit a technology store together so they can do some hands-on research.


Ultimately, technology is about staying connected and about individual empowerment. Make sure your loved one feels like they have what they need to stay connected when they relocate.



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