Planning Your Automobile For Auto Transport

Enclosed Car Transport

Enclosed truck transportation is a premium service which normally costs more than normal receptive automobile transport. Enclosed railroad transportation is standard and frequently costs less than receptive truck transportation when moving Auto Transport Washington over 500 miles.

Freight Forwarder

A person who assembles small deliveries of vehicles to a large consolidated shipment that is subsequently tendered into an automobile carrier.


The practice of sending a car using more than 1 manner of automobile transport. Offered by just a few pick automobile haulers, intermodal automobile transport incorporates both short-distance truck transportation and long-haul rail service choices.

Local Move


Modifications can impact a car’s overall measurements and weight, which might call for a different manner of automobile transport or extra fees.


The place where transportation of a car begins, or arises. Automobile haulers require both the source and destination of a shipment to supply an accurate car transport quote.

Automobile transport generally averages between 1 to 3 months, based on delivery and pick-up locations, accessibility of their vehicles, shipping capability, and space. Most automobile haulers also provide expedited service for an extra charge.


Ramps were initially structures, temporary or permanent, where trailers or machines are pushed onto or from a railway flatcar.


The individual for whom the auto hauler agrees to transfer vehicles into a predetermined destination and at a predetermined cost.


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